Nak - Wallop Prasopphol

N ak - wallop Prasopphol, a TV commercial director, a veteran in the industry with over 20 years of experience, starting from being an acting coach, assistant director, to the current role as a film director who has been highly successful in directing young children for TV commercials, is praised for his professionalism, especially dealing with children.

Wallop or Nak graduated from Bangkok University, faculty of Communication Arts, majoring in acting / performance. He started off in the casting department of Siam Studio, the first big film production studio founded / owned by famous Thai film directors Khun Catar Sudhasana na Ayudhya and Khun Nida Sudhasana na Ayudhya.  Nak worked closely with Khun Catar, Khun Nida and Khun Buranee Ratchaiboon, collecting invaluable experience that is still applicable to the current days.

From casting department,  Nak moved to take an acting coach role, upon suggestion by Khun Buranee who spotted his talent in dealing and working with children. Witnessing that in all the production of TV commercial for children products,  Nak succeeded in coaching and directing children actors / actresses, Khun Buranee suggested that Khun Nak take on a new acting coach role as it would provide him with more opportunities to apply his knowledge and skills learnt from the university to the work environment.



Since then, Nak turned to his new role as an acting coach, working with both mature actors / actresses. He was successful in building his reputation as the acting coach who could make directors’ life much easier if the commercial production included serious acting.

Currently Nak is a film director under Maison Film and Production, one of Siam Studio network companies, managed by Khun Kwanchai Sinpermkoon. His directing work varies and his strong point is in story telling, the art of telling a story that is beautifully woven, has depth and needs acting as one of the main elements.