About Us



Maison Film & Production Limited was established and started its procedure since 1st September 2001 by the expertise executive and employee teams from Siam Studio Co.,Ltd. With the specific field of experiences of more than 20 years In order to expend the range of clienteles to become more and more and more varied. The company proceeds on film production as well as video presentation.  Moreover, the company is also the well-known Production Center Service company where widely receives outstanding standardization of production as well as variable performance that can be adjusted for the budget suitable for each work. The company is widely accepted by the clienteles domestic and international with it guaranteed reputation of continuously gaining more and more amount of customers every year.

Our Service

- TV Commercials
- Video Presentations
- TV Programs
- Music Videos
- Documentaries
- Multi Media
- Production Supporting & Co-ordinations

More than 500 pieces of work within 10 years have disciplined Maison Film & Production to become an expert of various production since the feedback of every work such as commercial movies or video presentation have been receiving such great complements from the clienteles. This is encouraging Maison for its trustworthy and reliable terms until today.