Nak - Wallop Prasopphol

N ak - wallop Prasopphol, a TV commercial director, a veteran in the industry with over 20 years of experience, starting from being an acting coach, assistant director, to the current role as a film director who has been highly successful in directing young children for TV commercials, is praised for his professionalism, especially dealing with children.

Wallop or Nak graduated from Bangkok University, faculty of Communication Arts, majoring in acting / performance. He started off in the casting department of Siam Studio, the first big film production studio founded / owned by famous Thai film directors Khun Catar Sudhasana na Ayudhya and Khun Nida Sudhasana na Ayudhya.  Nak worked closely with Khun Catar, Khun Nida and Khun Buranee Ratchaiboon, collecting invaluable experience that is still applicable to the current days.

From casting department,  Nak moved to take an acting coach role, upon suggestion by Khun Buranee who spotted his talent in dealing and working with children. Witnessing that in all the production of TV commercial for children products,  Nak succeeded in coaching and directing children actors / actresses, Khun Buranee suggested that Khun Nak take on a new acting coach role as it would provide him with more opportunities to apply his knowledge and skills learnt from the university to the work environment.


Kitt - Chakkrit Wangpattasirikul

C hakkrit wangpattasirikul graduated from King Mongkut Institue of Ladkrabang, faculty of Communication Arts and started his career as Art Director for 6 years.

All over 400 commercial Films and 10 years experience in Director

Tee - Supavich Meeprem wattana

A Director is like a messenger, we deliver a brand’s message to their target market through every advertising channels possible

With more than 10 years experience as a Creative in agencies like Ogilvy and Y&R, I have learnt that with great ads, one doesn’t need to shout at the top of the lungs or manipulate the audience with sweet talk. Using simple, direct words, in a frank but humble tone or even in a sarcastic way, will leave a greater impact and grab more attention, creating more memorable moment lasting long after the commercial ended.

As a Director working in the year 2012, I strongly believe that the Advertising World is moving into a new era. Great pieces are not only on TV and creativity is not only limited to commercials. In the world today more and more people go online to press “like”, and “share” post on their friend’s walls. This social networking phenomenon is creating a huge demand in virals, short films, music video and even other interactive medias, which are more effective in delivering the right message to the online world.  As a commercials director, I can’t just sit front of monitor or behind 35mm camera while the world passes me by.

Earn - Amornrat chanwimaluang

I n 2008, Amornrat was widely known in music video industry. she directed over 100 music clips in Thailand. Moreover, one of her music video was nominated for 22nd golden television award in Thailand.

After several years of experiences in directing music videos, Amornrat decided to go to study in Australia in order to gain more knowledges in movie directing. Her priority was to graduate film degree from Bond university.However, her ability in directing pushed her to go further than that. Within a year, she started directing 2 music videos for international bands and a commercial. She continued doing a lot of film works in Australia and, finally,she founded the company with her friends, in a year later, called "Kaiko-moo studios". Besides her directing experience, she has done tons of great editing for music videos and shorts. During her study in Australia, she had selected to be an editor for the feature film "10 Days to Die". She also edited a pilot, “The Apprentice”,and it was distributed in Cannes festival 2011.

Right now, she is back to her hometown, Bangkok ,and is directing TV commercials. With wide range of her abilities, she can produce tons of great work.
Deuce - Chongdol Sukulworaphat


euce Congdol Sukulworaphat graduated of Visual Communication Design and started his career as an Graphic Designer for 3 years. And due to the fact of his passion in Films.. once he got a chance to direct one of Music Video then he knew what exactly he loved. Afterward he has been continuing to work as a Film Director until now..